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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Way2Heaven ( grants you power to use your Dota 2 and CS:GO items to generate “profit” from them. We are DIFFERENT from jackpot sites – instead players deposit items for credits and bet those credits on our games: The Mysterious 3 and Gomoku


  • The Mysterious 3:

    • Place coins on Even (2,4,6,8, etc.) or Odd (1,3,5,7,etc.) for DOUBLE (x2) your coins (if win)
    • Place coins on Lucky 3 for x7 your coins if the TOTAL is 3,13,23,30
    • Place coins on Perfect Number for x50 your coins if the TOTAL is 6 or 28
    • NOTE: If the result is either LUCKY 3 or Perfect Number, bets on EVEN or ODD will be counted as a loss

  • Gomoku

    • You can either create your own table or join available tables.
    • The host of the table will set the prize for the winner of that table. Both of you need to deposit first in order to play the game.
    • You have 60 seconds to move. If you failed to move after that time, the turn will be passed to your opponent.
    • X and O are determined randomly.
    • If you leave the game when there is an opponent, you will automatically lose the game

  • Match prediction

All rolls are generated using a provably fair system.

How do I deposit items?

Login by clicking "Sign in" or create an account if you don’t have one. Then go to your profile, link your steam account and set your trade url. Make sure that your Steam Profile status is Public. Finally, go to DEPOSIT page, choose items that you want to deposit then wait for an offer.

How do I transfer Hcoins to other users?

  • You need to spend AT LEAST 20.000 Hcoins in order to be able to transfer coins.
  • When you meet the requirements, go to your Account setting -> Transfer Coin tab -> Create code. Then give your friend that code to redeem.

What is Withdraw Limit and Balance?

  • Balance is your available Hcoins, which you can use to play games in our website.
  • Withdraw Limit shows the maximum Hcoins that you can use to withdraw. It based on how much Hcoins you have spent in the website (For example: If you have 50.000 Hcoins in your balance, and your withdraw limit is 25000 Hcoins. You can only withdraw items worth from 25.000 Hcoins or below)

How does our Affiliate work?

  • Every account has its own Referral link. (You can find it under “Account Page”)
  • If someone uses your Referral link to create account, you will get commission from their spends on Mysterious 3 game.
    • NOTE: If you created your account is not referred with any other account, you can referred your account by clicking on other users Referral link.
  • There are 4 levels at the moment:

    • Level 1: you will get 0.25% total bets (spends) from referred accounts
      • You will get to level 2 if your total Referral HCoins reach 50.000
    • Level 2: you will get 0.55% total bets (spends) from referred accounts
      • You will get to level 2 if your total Referral HCoins reach 200.000
    • Level 3: you will get 0.75% total bets (spends) from referred accounts
      • You will get to level 2 if your total Referral HCoins reach 1.000.000
    • Level 4: you will get 1% total bets (spends) from referred accounts

Lost items

If you lose any items to a missing deposit or winnings caused by our website’s problems, W2H support will check and confirm the problem then retrieve those items, you have 48 hours to claim your items by sending a ticket to us via email [email protected] or Facebook Message.
If you lose your items by accidentally putting the wrong items into deposit, there will be no way of retrieve those items.

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